Our Services

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Individual assessment

Our speech pathology assessments are achieved through a combination of informal and standardised tests, depending on our client’s individual needs and ability. Following assessment, a summary or comprehensive report is created allowing individually tailored plans to be designed. A consultative approach is applied, ensuring all specific needs of the family and goals of other professionals involved are considered.

To achieve the best outcomes, the Speech Pathologists at Word of Mouth Speech Pathology work one on one with our clients, offering an individually tailored approach to their communication and swallowing therapy. Individual sessions range from 45 – 60mins.

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If ongoing therapy is required, a tailored plan to manage the treatments will be discussed before a suitable therapist is appointed. Intervention may be weekly or less frequently with comprehensive home programmes provided.

The standard appointment time for a therapy session is 45 minutes to 1 hour and sessions are provided at our clinics (Mudgee and Wellington, NSW) or alternatively in your home, school, pre-school, nursing home or work environment.

Funding plans for therapy sessions will be discussed confidentially before treatment commences.

Our therapy addresses:

  • Language (difficulties understanding and using words and sentences)
  • Speech sounds (difficulties saying sounds and words clearly)
  • Social communication (e.g. conversational skills, sharing, eye contact)
  • Play skills and attention (e.g. pretend play, turn-taking, waiting)
  • Stuttering (repeats or prolongs sounds or words; may ‘block’ and find it hard to start speaking)
  • Literacy difficulties (phonological awareness, spelling and reading)
  • Feeding difficulties (e.g. breastfeeding, ‘fussy eating’, chewing)
  • Swallowing difficulties

We are also practised in treating individuals who may present with:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Down Syndrome
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Hearing Impairments
  • Learning difficulties
  • Developmental Delays
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
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School based services

Word of Mouth Speech Pathology works with schools throughout the Mudgee and Wellington Region to provide screening programs and an innovative approach to speech and language intervention tailored specifically to meet the needs of students and schools.

Only highly trained and qualified speech pathologists implement these programs and as a result we offer capacity building and training to teachers throughout the process.

All our programs are specifically designed to be both stimulating for both children and teachers. Our fantastic resources directly target goals that are developed collaboratively with teachers whilst engaging children in fun activities at the same time.

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All Word of Mouth Speech Pathologists are highly trained and empathetic professionals with over 17 years’ experience working in the disability sector.  We are compassionate, knowledgeable and 100% committed to improving the lives of all people with communication difficulties no matter their level of ability or background.

We believe that all individuals with special needs and communication difficulties can make great progress when treatment is tailored and aimed at recognising distinct strengths and abilities.  We believe that with the right therapy, every client has the opportunity to advance.

Our goal is to promote functional communicational communication in a safe and encouraging environment, whilst nurturing self-esteem and confidence.  We take a strengths-based, positive approach that promotes inclusion and access in everyday environments.

At Word of Mouth Speech Pathology, we have a highly regarded reputation amongst our referral networks and peers for working with special needs clients of all ages and ability levels. We see the potential in each client and believe everyone deserves the right to connect to their world through communication.

Elderly woman listening to Caregiver read

Aged Care

Our dedicated team at Word of Mouth Speech Pathology are committed to efficient and effective services to clients in aged care that provide quality of life.  We take a proactive, best-practice approach to intervention spending a generous amount of time with every client and documenting specific recommendations and management plans.  Follow up on our recommendations is offered, confirming patient comfort and safety. Our therapists conduct engaging, practical in-services for nursing and kitchen staff to ensure quality.

Word of Mouth Speech Pathology provide the following services to aged-care facilities:

  • Swallowing assessment and management
  • Communication assessment and therapy
  • Staff training for dysphagia management and improving functional communication
  • Volunteers and/or carers training for facilitating safe feeding and effective communication
Baby girl with spoon eating puree


Word of Mouth Speech Pathology provides specialised feeding services to infants and children where there are difficulties with eating and drinking. The clinic works with families and relevant medical professionals to establish safe feeding practices, normalise mealtime patterns and develop oral feeding skills. We can assess and treat various feeding difficulties arising from issues with muscle tone, coordination, anatomy or sensory integration.

We assist with:

  • Breast and bottle feeding (e.g. attachment difficultes, poor endurance and fatigue, long feeds, growth issues, feed refusal, distress during feeding)
  • Starting solids and progressing texture of foods to lumps and finger foods.
  • Chewing or oromotor problems
  • Fussy, picky, anxious or selective eating
  • Oral aversions or feeding aversions
  • Stressful mealtimes & mealtime battles
  • Tube feeding, tube dependency, and tube weaning
  • Swallowing safety (e.g. coughing, gagging or choking on food and drinks)

Our principal Speech Pathologist, Rachel Hampshire, has extensive experience working as a Clinical Specialist (Paediatric Feeding) in major tiertiary hospitals in Sydney for over a decade. Rachel is trained in a number of feeding approaches, including certifications obtained in the USA for the SOS approach to feeding and NOMAS International.